The Sustainable Fashion Gift Card was founded in 2020 by Nanette Hogervorst as part of the fashion platform Our World, launched in 2017 to create awareness about sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship in the fashion industry. SFGC offers consumers a concrete tool to promote sustainability in the industry.

Together with other 70+ fashion pioneers, we have joined the SFGC community of experts who inspire each other in the field of sustainability and business. To become a part of a community, we had to provide an extensive data, related to the use of eco-friendly materials and sustainable production process. SFGC carefully controls company ethics and business transparency of every fashion pioneer, joining the community. Nanette welcomes everyone with a personal interview to build a close relationship with every SFGC member.

The Sustainable Fashion Gift Card is the first gift card in the world aimed at a sustainable fashion that you redeem online and offline at brands, stores, experiences, fashion rental and vintage stores. With the SFGC you discover a world full of the beautiful fashion that is good for our planet.

Where can I get a sustainable gift card?

Click here to buy a sustainable gift card.

How can I redeem it in your store?

1) Add to a shopping cart items you would like to order.

2) Click " Checkout" and enter your contact and shipping details. Then click "Continue to shipping".

3) Choose the preferred shipping method and click "Continue to payment".

4) In the payment section choose for Sustainable Fashion Gift Card and click "Complete order".

5) After that you will be redirected to a page, where you can enter the details of your SFGC. 

With online purchase you cannot pay with a gift card of more than 50 euros, but you can pay with several gift cards of 50 euros. How this works is explained here.

Please, contact us in case you have any questions about how to redeem your SFGC in our store.

Sustainable fashion gift card