My name is Sveta and I am the owner of SAVE THE WAVE. The ocean has always fascinated me. On the one hand, so powerful and beyond our control. On the other hand, so vulnerable and unable to survive if humans don't take action. It is a disaster if environmental pollution continues. Our planet is in danger and only we, people, can save it. That's why I decided to create a brand that stands for Earth protection. Our goal at SAVE THE WAVE®  is to produce high-quality swimwear & activewear, made with ECONYL® regenerated yarn from nylon waste and same time preserve the health of the environment. SAVE THE WAVE is a strong community of people who cares about our planet.

SAVE THE WAVE was launched when the Covid -19 had started. It brought many difficulties and uncertainties, but at the same time made the brand stronger and learned me to deal with things, when it seems impossible. When the brand was almost born, I heard other good news. I will become a mom of a little girl. So I guess at that moment I knew I had to take care of 2 babies and I knew it was not going to be easy, but I never regretted my choice. I love to be a mom and entrepreneur at the same time. The smile of my daughter and the positive feedback of a client, that what makes me a happy person.

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Welcome to #WAVEGIRLS tribe

Our WAVE GIRL understands that SUSTAINABILITY IS SEXY and wants to make a change. She knows that the change starts now. It strats with HER. She is powerful enough to influence the situation and her decisions do matter. She is passionate about the ocean and cares about the world. She understands the power of fashion and is ready to contribute to the place she loves the most. She's got the spirit of the ocean!

SAVE THE WAVE is committed to creating a positive change by saving our Planet. By choosing SAVE THE WAVE, you contribute to reducing the amount of nylon waste out there and saving the Earth. With every your purchase, you become a part of something big.

To support me on this goal, please share your purchase on Instagram with hashtags #WESAVETHEWAVE #WAVEGIRLS and tag!

Thank you, dear #WAVEGIRL! <3