SAVE THE WAVE is committed to creating a positive change by saving our oceans. By choosing us, you contribute to reduce the amount of plastic out there and save the animals we share the ocean with. With every your purchase, you become a part of something big.


"The ocean has always fascinated me. On the one hand, so powerful and beyond our control. On the other hand, so vulnerable and unable to survive if humans don't take action. It is a disaster if ocean pollution continues. Marine life is in danger and only we, people, can save it. That's why I decided to create a brand that stands for ocean protection. Our goal at SAVE THE WAVE®  is to produce high-quality swimwear & activewear, made from recycled ocean waste and same time clean up the oceans from pollution, thereby protect its inhabitants. SAVE THE WAVE is a strong community of people who cares about our planet" - Svetlana van Leenen-Yanchenko / Founder & Owner, SAVE THE WAVE®



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